Today Royal Agrifirm Group launched its new functional feed ingredients brand called Agrimprove. Within this brand Agrifirm develops new ideas in animal health and nutrition, and grows these into tangible improvements throughout the agri-food chain. Agrimprove is and will always be created in close collaboration with stakeholders in farming, feed and food production, and in retail.

Agrifirm wishes to safeguard the sustainable availability of responsibly produced food for future generations. Functional feed ingredients are an important element of Agrifirm’s future priorities and objectives.

“In support of farmers and industry all over the world, we are constantly working on innovative Functional Feed Ingredient concepts in the field of animal health and nutrition, that add sustainable value throughout the agri-food chain,” states Johan De Schepper, member of the Royal Agrifirm Group Executive Committee and Managing Director of Agrifirm International. “We deploy the power of science and active listening to the market to continuously improve the production and quality of food protein for our growing global population.”

“With Agrimprove we have one clear and global functional feed ingredients brand under the Agrifirm umbrella,” De Schepper explains. “On one hand we are Agrifirm and we come from the farming and agriculture sector. Next to this, we want to bring measurable, sustainable value to the world. It’s a combination of science, active listening and understanding, market assessment and the right partnerships while not losing sight of where we come from: the farmers.”

Agrimprove is based on the functional feed ingredients line that was formerly known as Nuscience’s Health4U portfolio. The launch of Agrimprove alsofits perfectly into Agrifirm’s ‘Better Together’ strategy, regrouping knowhow from all business divisions. Agrimprove will be first rolled out in Europe,  then in Latin America in the beginning of 2020 and later on in China.