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Ensuring pig feed hygiene and biosecurity

10 Apr 2024
Safeguarding Against Salmonella, PRRSV, PED, and ASF Contamination “In the intricate tapestry of pig farming, where the threads of feed…

Doris Yu appointed as Managing Director Asia

04 Apr 2024
We are excited to announce the appointment of Doris Yu as Managing Director of Asia. With an impressive tenure exceeding…

Veterinary vs. Human: Belgium's antibiotic story unveiled

03 Apr 2024
Written by Alan De Meulemeester Antimicrobial agents have historically played a pivotal role in combating infectious diseases in both humans…

How to reduce the dependency of high Vit E levels in feed

18 Mar 2024
In the world of animal production, where every penny counts, feed costs dominate the financial landscape. A strategic approach to…

Benoit Anquetil appointed as Strategic Portfolio Management Director Specialties and BU Director EMEA at Royal Agrifirm Group

04 Mar 2024
We are excited to announce the appointment of Benoit Anquetil as our new Strategic Portfolio Management Director Specialties and BU…

MCFAs: a time-tested solution for health and hygiene

19 Feb 2024
Written by: Theo van Kempen (Global tech lead pigs, Agrimprove ) & Stacie Crowder (Director of Additive Sales and Technical…

Antibiotics reduction: how the livestock industry is showing the way for human medicine

19 Jan 2024
By Theo van Kempen (Global tech lead pigs) In response to concerns about antimicrobial resistance in humans, governments worldwide have…

Antimicrobial Growth Promotors an ending story

17 Jan 2024
By Jan Vervloesem (Global Category Manager Poultry) With a world population still growing and probably reaching close to 10 billion…

Unlocking Growth and Health: The Benefits of Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) in Piglet Nutrition

27 Nov 2023
In the ever-evolving landscape of animal nutrition, the quest for optimal growth, health, and performance in pig farming remains a…

Salmonella, something to keep an eye on

06 Nov 2023
Salmonellosis is still one of the main zoonosis worldwide. Already alone in Europe, more than 60.000 cases have been recorded…

Competitive exclusion of E. coli improves intestinal health

10 Oct 2023
Managing intestinal health of newly weaned piglets remains a challenge; advances in our understanding of the problem are offset by…

Boosting calf immunity through MCFA in mother’s diet

21 Sep 2023
Providing calves good quality colostrum is important to give them a head start in life. Since there is limited transfer…

In vitro susceptibility of swine pathogens to common feed additives

19 Sep 2023
In the last 25 years various alternatives to antibiotics have been developed by the animal feed industry. Although snippets of…

Medium-chain fatty acids as a natural control strategy to reduce Salmonella colonization

22 Jun 2023
Salmonella belongs to the group of gram-negative bacteria and is part of the natural flora of many animal species. Of…

Bio-securing feed against viruses

15 Jun 2023
A viral infection has the potential to decimate a farm’s animal population. For affected farmers, a viral infection is both…