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a Royal Agrifirm Group brand

Agrimprove is Royal Agrifirm Group’s functional feed ingredients brand. In support of farmers worldwide, we develop ideas in animal health and nutrition, and grow these ideas into tangible improvement strategies based on feed optimization.

In close collaboration with stakeholders in farming, feed production, processing and retail, we deploy the power of science to continuously improve the way we produce food protein for our growing global population. By turning feed from a bulk commodity into a power-tool for improvement, we can confidently look forward to a future with better food for more people.

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For optimized food production

For animal protein producers and farmers, we strengthen their operations by improving their animals’ health and performance, with a higher value end product as the final result. By balancing your animals’ feed, we can positively impact crucial aspects from growth and survival over fertility and lactation right up to the quality of the final product: your meat, milk or eggs.

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For healthy food consumption

For consumers, we safeguard the sustainable availability of responsibly produced food for future generations. Even more importantly, we can do this with natural ingredients that eliminate the need for scrutinized substances such as antibiotics and heavy metals. The basic idea is that healthier animals result in healthier meat, egg and dairy produce.

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For future-proof food retail

For retailers, we enable the supply of qualitative food produce that meet the demands of today’s critical consumers. Optimizing the way we feed our animals leads to attractive end products with longer shelf life. In other words: we can create the meat and dairy products that retailers want to put on their shelves and that consumers want to put on their plates.

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For adequate food regulation

For regulating institutions and governments, we support the industry to meet the health and food safety standards of today and tomorrow. By understanding and optimizing biological mechanisms such as digestion, gut health and immune system, we can help produce more safe food with less impact on the planet.

For real improvement all we need are smart ideas and people who are willing to try.

The real added value of science only appears when it materializes into tangible results on the stable floor. This is why most of our solutions have been developed in close collaboration with customers and partners across the product value chain.


Powered by Royal Agrifirm Group

Agrimprove is a brand by Royal Agrifirm Group, a collective of over 10,000 Dutch farmers. This means that we can rely on a thorough understanding of the agri-food industry, a clear dedication to supporting farmers and the solid network a global organization. With dedicated field teams across the world, we work closely together with farmers and food producers worldwide. This way, we continuously interact with a global community of people who believe in the idea of ‘better feed for better food’.

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