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Agrifirm (Agrifirm Group B.V. and/or companies affiliated to it) attaches great importance to the privacy of the users of the app and visitors of the website. Agrifirm processes personal data of users who visit our website and use our app. In this statement we would like to inform you about which data we process and why. On this page, you will always find the latest version of this statement.

Agrifirm is responsible for the processing of your personal data. Please read this information carefully so that you understand how we process data and what your rights are.

We apply a number of core values to guarantee your privacy as well as possible.
Informing – We want to inform you as well as possible how and why we process personal data. We do this through tis privacy statement.
Limiting collection – We ensure that our collection of personal data is limited to only what is really necessary for the proper functioning of the app/website and the services and products you have requested.
No marketing based on personal data – We do not sell personal data to third parties.
Security – We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also require this from parties that process personal data on our behalf.
Right of access and correction – We respect your right to access, correct or delete your personal data.

1. Use of personal data

There are two general categories of information that we collect and / or request.

Category 1: Information that you give us
We process data that we receive from you. For example when you register as user, sign up for a newsletter or when you contact us.

Account Information – To use our app or certain parts of our websites, you must create an account. For this, you provide us with certain information, for instance, your email address and your name.
Profile information – In order for us to provide our services and for you to use our services, we will ask you to provide certain information, for instance your full name, email address, telephone number, address, age and/or date of birth, bank account number, VAT number and company registration number of your company. We need this information to contact you, but also to ensure that we can provide the services required from us.
Communication information – When you contact us or when we contact you, we collect information about the reason for this contact and any information you provide to us by phone or email.
Other information – We may ask you to provide us with feedback about our services through an email or online survey. We value feedback and only process personal data that may be collected by us or on our behalf for internal purposes to improve our services.

Category 2: Information we collect automatically
When you use our website or app, we collect information about your activities, such as your click behavior, visited pages and information about your device in order to provide you with the best possible service. Such information enables us to discover what interests you and to personalize and optimize our services for you.

Log data – We automatically collect certain information provided by your internet browser when you use our website or app. This information includes: details about how you use our website or app (including links for third party applications), visiting times and information about the device you used and possibly the location of the device to prevent misuse.
Cookies – We use cookies or similar technologies on the app and website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages from this app and website and is stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers or those of the relevant third parties on a subsequent visit. You can always manually delete cookies from your computer and you can also block cookies. Look under “Internet Options” in your browser if you choose to delete or block cookies. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, this may affect the functioning of the app or website.

2. Purposes for which information is used

First of all, we use your data to fulfill our contractual obligations towards you and to ensure that our services are offered to you in the best possible way (legitimate interest). In this case we use your data for:

  1. Creating your account;
  2. Logging in into your account;
  3. Requesting and performing our services;
  4. Placing an order for products and/or services;
  5. Keeping track of preferences you have indicated;
  6. Sending a newsletter;
  7. Improving our services, security and preventing fraud;
  8. Performing other services, requested by you;
  9. Optimal display of the website or app on your internet browser and the device you are using;
  10. Providing customer service through different channels;
  11. Your identification;
  12. Keeping our internal administration in order and complying with our legal obligations.

3. Provision to third parties

Your data will explicitly not be provided to third parties, other than third parties involved in the execution of the agreement between you and us. These are third parties who perform services for us and also process personal data in that context. For example, processors may provide us with payment, advertising, customer or sales support services, support us in sending emails or analyze feedback, and help us secure our website or app. Processors have a duty of confidentiality and may only use the specific data to provide services to us on our instructions. A legal provision or a request from authorities can also oblige us to share data with third parties.

4. Security

We take security measures to limit misuse of and unauthorized access to personal data. We take the security of your data seriously and have security procedures and technical restrictions to protect your data from unauthorized access, destruction or alteration. In addition to the security measures on our side, such as encryption of your data, we recommend that you carefully select a password and make sure that your login details remain secret.

5. Retention period

We keep the information you provide to us for as long as is necessary or reasonable for the processing of your request, the agreement and the provision of the service you require. These data are stored according to our procedures for a maximum of 8 years after termination of the service. After the relevant period, we will delete or anonymize your information.

6. Changes to this privacy statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this statement. It is recommended that you consult this statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

7. Access, change and deletion your data

For questions about our privacy policy or questions about access and changes to (or deletion of) your personal data, you can contact us at any time.

8. Contact

Agrifirm Group B.V.
Landgoedlaan 20
7325 AW Apeldoorn

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