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Competitive exclusion of E. coli improves intestinal health

10 Oct 2023
Managing intestinal health of newly weaned piglets remains a challenge; advances in our understanding of the problem are offset by…

Boosting calf immunity through MCFA in mother’s diet

21 Sep 2023
Providing calves good quality colostrum is important to give them a head start in life. Since there is limited transfer…

In vitro susceptibility of swine pathogens to common feed additives

19 Sep 2023
In the last 25 years various alternatives to antibiotics have been developed by the animal feed industry. Although snippets of…

Medium-chain fatty acids as a natural control strategy to reduce Salmonella colonization

22 Jun 2023
Salmonella belongs to the group of gram-negative bacteria and is part of the natural flora of many animal species. Of…

Bio-securing feed against viruses

15 Jun 2023
A viral infection has the potential to decimate a farm’s animal population. For affected farmers, a viral infection is both…

Combating piglet post-weaning diarrhea

24 May 2023
Piglets face a lot of challenges around weaning, which often leads to impaired gut health. An important cause of post-weaning…

Agrifirm Hungary leads the way with M-prove by achieving 2nd place for the ‘Sustainable and Innovative Feed Solution’ award

12 May 2023
M-prove, a functional feed ingredient from the Royal Agrifirm Group brand Agrimprove, was awarded 2nd place in the ‘Sustainable and…

From stress to success, antioxidants support poultry performance

09 May 2023
The production of poultry meat and the consumption of eggs requires an eye for detail. Due to differences in environmental…

Defend your calves: The vital role of colostrum management in boosting immunity

02 May 2023
The productive performance of a dairy cow is determined by a good start in life. Newborn calves come directly into…

Optimizing intestinal performance with M-prove

27 Apr 2023
The poultry meat market can be divided into three main segments. The wet market, the processed market, and the further…

Can Precision Livestock Farming contribute to improved efficiency in the poultry production chain?

25 Apr 2023
Precision livestock farming is a rapidly emerging trend in animal agriculture. It uses technology and artificial intelligence to monitor and…

Jolanda van Haarlem appointed as Group Director Specialties and Global Strategy Director at Royal Agrifirm Group

11 Apr 2023
Jolanda van Haarlem has a rich and extensive career in the agri-industry spanning 25 years. She began her journey as…

Unraveling a mystery of SINS and its potential tie to endotoxins

22 Mar 2023
Swine Inflammatory and Necrotic Syndrome (SINS) is a disease affecting pigs and is characterized by fever, inflammation, and necrosis in…

Cost savings by boosting the broiler immune system

08 Mar 2023
For survival reasons, birds are conditioned to sacrifice growth and reproduction when confronted with a pathogen or other stressor. In…

From feed safety to food safety: Aflatoxin M1 in fresh milk

03 Mar 2023
With a projection of 997 million tons produced in 2029 (OECD-FAO), milk is considered an important source of protein for…