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Reducing AMR in poultry via the water

24 Oct 2022
When it comes to poultry production, feed and water are a double-edged sword. They can provide birds with essential nutrients…

Longevity as a driver toward sustainable dairy farming

19 Oct 2022
Researchers in academics and industry have worked for decades to improve the genetics, health, and performance of farm animals. In…

The passing of antimicrobial growth promotors

28 Sep 2022
With a growing world population, that is expected to reach close to 10 billion by 2050, sustainable and safe food…

Longer laying, safe, and sustainable hens

19 Sep 2022
Hens are born with the potential to produce more than 3,000 eggs and can live for more than 10 years.

Addressing efficiency: Late-finisher solution in the US shows value globally

12 Sep 2022
Two global cooperatives in the agricultural industry have worked together for over 5 years in the fields of research, product…

The circle of endotoxins and dairy cattle disease

23 Aug 2022
A topic of increasing interest and importance for dairy cattle production is the effects of endotoxins on performance parameters. It…

A constant antagonist: Consequences of endotoxins in animals

19 Jul 2022
All animal species are affected by gram-negative bacteria. Under normal circumstances, the bacteria are present in the gastrointestinal tract in…

3 strategies to finding stability in a turbulent feed market

09 Jun 2022
How long will the war between Ukraine and Russia last? Will there be new Covid outbreaks and lockdowns in the…

Can reducing stocking density improve broiler margin?

03 Jun 2022
Although long-term projections are positive for the poultry meat industry, the actual situation (high feed prices, fluctuating meat prices,...

Vitafibra receives first place in ‘Sustainable Innovative Solutions’ at Hungary’s Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Days

12 May 2022
Congratulations to Royal Agrifirm Group’s Hungarian Team for earning the first place award at the 29th Great Plain Animal Husbandry…

Meat quality is not only a processing issue

03 May 2022
Globally, poultry meat consumption is increasing but, in more developed countries, this growth is slowing down.

Endotoxins in pigs: What are they and how to manage them?

26 Apr 2022
Classified as a toxin in the animal production industry, there are more than 150 different variants of LPS, a portion…

Are you storing mycotoxins? Storage tips to prevent mycotoxins in grains

21 Apr 2022
Fungi, mold, and bacteria can develop anywhere: in the field, during storage, or in feed. Storage fungi—typically belonging to the…

8 factors of eggshell color

11 Apr 2022
Beyond the genetic components, what other factors are affecting the color of an egg? Is egg color a sign of…

New research findings: MCFA's effect on rumen stability in dairy cows

11 Apr 2022
There are countless external variables in the life of a cow, such as heat, lighting, ventilation and forages. Producers do…

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