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Mycotoxins, a continuous battle

02 Oct 2019
Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxic metabolites posing a risk to humans as well as animals. Despite progress in diagnostic tools and solutions, full prevention of mycotoxins is very difficult.

Agrifirm launches product group brand Agrimprove

23 Sep 2019
Today Royal Agrifirm Group launched its new functional feed ingredients brand called Agrimprove. Within this brand Agrifirm develops new ideas in animal health and nutrition, and grows these into tangible improvements throughout the agri-food chain. Agrimprove is and will always be created in close collaboration with stakeholders in farming, feed…

Protect weaned piglets from Streptococcus suis

09 Sep 2019
S. suis infections are a worldwide problem around weaning. Clinical symptoms which are commonly observed in the field are meningitis, arthritis and septicemia. The disease can cause high mortality rates and results in increased antibiotic usage (mainly amoxycillin). Thus, S. suis is responsible for significant financial losses in todays’ swine…

Vitafibra: The third generation of fibers

03 Sep 2019
Since decades nutritionists all over the world are using fibers in animal nutrition. These dietary fibers can increase passage time in the stomach, increase or decrease the saturation feeling of the animals, alter the viscosity of the feed next to other applications. In the early years of the 21st century…

Creation of a piglet feed line without medicated Zinc oxide

14 Aug 2019
Animal productions are facing an acceleration not anymore limited to the growth rate of pigs. Massive data produced by connected objects (e.g. sound recognition, accelerometers, …) require analysis using algorithm and artificial intelligence technologies...

MCFA research expanding

02 Aug 2019
Following the implementation of new rules regarding the use of antimicrobials and continued advancement of key sustainability initiatives, new advances in animal feed and nutrition technology may be ushering in a new era of progress for poultry, swine and ruminant industries.

Salbiotic, a professional sniper

13 Jul 2019
Over the last 15 years a continuous reduction in the incidence of Salmonellosis in humans could be observed, supported by the implementation of several regulations at EU level (see Fig. 1) and national Salmonella control programmes. Since 2014, however, human Salmonellosis cases are on the rise again, as is evident from recent reports…

Eubisol, water soluble MCFAs to maintain gut health

17 Jun 2019
Animals have to cope with many challenges along their lifetime often resulting in physiological stress, impaired health and decreased production. These challenges vary in type, severity and duration, and are also influenced by many external factors. Eubisol, based on the original MCFAs, offers a flexible and easy-to-use solution to cope…

Medium Chain Fatty Acids in swine production: Aromabiotic remains relevant for future challenges

28 May 2019
In a context of long history of use of fatty acids against pathogenic bacteria in animals and Humans, Aromabiotic®, the original MCFA, has proven its efficacy in pig production by improving the performances of animals at all stages of development. Recent demonstration of the capacities of MCFAs to mitigate the spread of some enveloped viruses may open new applications for the future of these fatty acids.