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Vitafibra, a unique health fiber, plays an essential role in the battle against E.coli diarrhea

23 Nov 2021
Weaning is a stressful event in the life of piglets and often coincides with impaired gut health. Enterotoxigenic E.coli F4…

Guaranteeing a smooth transition with MCFA

22 Nov 2021
High-productive animals require a balanced nutritional diet to stay healthy and perform maximally. On top of that, dairy cows are…

The role of functional feed ingredients (FFI) in a zinc-free weaning environment

16 Nov 2021
In a context of growing challenges for livestock worldwide, caring about sustainability of animal production has become mandatory.

Feedlock® : feeling relieved from risks of ASFv during hard times

05 Nov 2021
In times of economic uncertainty, on-farm biosecurity deficiencies can worsen the financial balance of pig farms. Therefore, mitigating virus dissemination…

Luis Azevedo new global director Agrimprove

29 Oct 2021
From November 8th Luis Azevedo will join Royal Agrifirm Group as Global Agrimprove Director and as new member of the Executive Leadership…

Improving dairy cow’s defense potential by natural antioxidants

22 Oct 2021
High-productive animals require a balanced nutritional diet to stay healthy and perform maximally. On top of that, dairy cows are…

Sex separate growing and sustainability, a perfect match?

06 Oct 2021
Yes or no? Should we stick with our traditional way of growing broilers? Or should we look for alternative ways…

Global survey on issues to improve in the poultry industry

29 Sep 2021
For several decades, the poultry industry has regularly faced international, national as well as local challenges. These challenges can remain…

Royal Agrifirm Group presents new industrial unit in Maripá, Brazil

24 Sep 2021
Agrifirm Brazil has just presented its new industrial unit in the city of Maripá (PR). This unit will be responsible…

Challenges when determining mycotoxin contamination levels

23 Sep 2021
When dealing with mycotoxin contamination, the first problem is to diagnose and find out the original contamination level of the…

Sustainable swine performance with strategic late-finishing nutrition

23 Sep 2021
The genetic progress is constantly pushing for more and heavier pigs. However, by nature, pigs get less efficient as they…

Toward growth-promoting antibiotic-free poultry production

14 Sep 2021
With unravelling the spread of antimicrobial-resistant genes in both urban and agricultural environments, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an undeniable fact…

Linking intestinal activity to the market

20 Aug 2021
As an egg can only be hatched once, no broiler flock is exactly the same and will behave differently under…

Creating shared value chain

26 Jul 2021
The time that poultry meat was a luxuary product is long gone. Today, poultry meat is the number 1 animal…

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