Healthy and performing animals require toxin-free feed, Agrimprove experts believe sharing knowledge is imperative to supporting feed and food safety for future generations.  

In February 2023, Agrimprove—the functional feed ingredient division of Royal Agrifirm Group—announced the launch of With a strong team of myco- and endotoxin experts, Agrimprove’s goal is to provide comprehensive information to the agriculture community about toxins and to inspire solutions to improve feed and food safety.  

Believing that understanding toxins is the first step to reducing their impact, Agrimprove bundled their toxin-related knowledge and solutions into one comprehensive website. The site includes information on several toxins common in agriculture—DON, aflatoxin, fumonisin—as well as lesser-known or emerging toxins like ergots and endotoxins. It also describes the impact of toxins on cattle, swine, and poultry; plus tips for management, testing, and solutions. 

“ is the embodiment of the mission of the Royal Agrifirm Group, working on ‘A responsible food chain for future generations,’” said Tom Lambert, CEO of Special Nutrients LLC, which was acquired by Royal Agrifirm Group nearly five years ago. “We are proud to help facilitate this knowledge-sharing site, as education has been the DNA of the company since its conception.”  

The new knowledge site is currently available in English and will be further strengthened by adding multiple languages as well as sharing relevant news and updates as they develop.

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