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Salbiotic, a professional sniper

13 Jul 2019
Over the last 15 years a continuous reduction in the incidence of Salmonellosis in humans could be observed, supported by the implementation of several regulations at EU level (see Fig. 1) and national Salmonella control programmes. Since 2014, however, human Salmonellosis cases are on the rise again, as is evident from recent reports…

Eubisol, water soluble MCFAs to maintain gut health

17 Jun 2019
Animals have to cope with many challenges along their lifetime often resulting in physiological stress, impaired health and decreased production. These challenges vary in type, severity and duration, and are also influenced by many external factors. Eubisol, based on the original MCFAs, offers a flexible and easy-to-use solution to cope…

Medium Chain Fatty Acids in swine production: Aromabiotic remains relevant for future challenges

28 May 2019
In a context of long history of use of fatty acids against pathogenic bacteria in animals and Humans, Aromabiotic®, the original MCFA, has proven its efficacy in pig production by improving the performances of animals at all stages of development. Recent demonstration of the capacities of MCFAs to mitigate the spread of some enveloped viruses may open new applications for the future of these fatty acids.