M-prove, a functional feed ingredient from the Royal Agrifirm Group brand Agrimprove, was awarded 2nd place in the ‘Sustainable and Innovative Feed Solutions’ category at the 30th Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Exhibition and Fair. Here, Agrifirm Hungary achieved recognition for its focus on sustainability and innovation. This prestigious award is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing farmers with efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture.

The team provided a comprehensive portfolio of the award-winning functional feed ingredient, M-prove, that included an introduction to the product highlighting its mechanism of action, on-farm trial results, and positive impact on production. The team emphasized the performance benefits of M-prove and the significant CO2 reduction that can be achieved.  They also provided a valid cost-effectiveness calculation and marketing plan—based on 2022 broiler feed sales activity that included 25 million broilers—showcasing M-prove as a valuable and profitable solution for broiler husbandry.

The award was given at the 30th Annual Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Exhibition and Fair. The event is one of the largest and most valued agricultural events in Hungary, with a formal ceremony held a week before the exhibition. The region of Hódmezővásárhely has a long history of agricultural production and related education, with the Royal Hungarian Agricultural College founded in 1896. Receiving an award from a jury consisting of several members of the local University is an honor.

The team behind the M-prove submission consisted of Gábor Gyurcsó, the monogastric sales and poultry product development manager, the Agrifirm Hungary team, the global Agrimprove team, and key local customers. The collaboration of the teams made it possible to create an impressive showcase of how M-prove can contribute to sustainable and profitable farming. The team plans to publish a shortened version of the work in local magazines.

In addition to the ‘Sustainable and Innovative Feed Solution’ award, three more of Agrifirm Hungary’s essays were recognized at the event. M-prove achieving 2nd place is a well-deserved recognition of the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation that provides farmers with efficient, cost-effective, and nature-friendly solutions. The M-prove additive showcased in the submission is a valuable tool for broiler husbandry that contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture.

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