Optimizing intestinal performance
for broilers

Broilers are worldwide grown under different climate, different housing and management systems, fed different raw materials and subjected to different biosecurity procedures. Using local, slow growing breeds or more international strains, management issues and objectives remain generally the same. Producing the desired product in the proper quantities with the proper quality in time. In the highly competitive poultry market efficiency and time are essential. Any discrepancy will result in lowering profit. In healthy broilers weight gain and feed intake are very much positively related.

Daily weight gain

Weight for age is often the performance indicator for broilers. Weight  gain being the result of the nutrients supplied, digested and absorbed. As such the performance of the GIT has a big impact on the performance and efficiency of meat production. Proper raw material quality and proper feeding composition and strategy in combination with good management practices will favor weight gain according to the genetic potential. Functional feed ingredients such as M-prove can contribute to support the genetic potential.

Feed cost

Feed cost, determining between 50 to 70% of overall cost in broiler meat production, needs to be focused at in order to produce cost effectively broiler meat. Feed intake can depend on many factors related to the systems used, the feed quality and to the health of the broilers. Optimizing the efficiency of broiler meat production starts with optimizing the performance of the GIT.

Main benefits of


  • Improving feed intake
  • Improving feed conversion
  • Improving uniformity

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