Webinar: The role of non-nutritive feed additives in gut health regulation of pigs

30 September 2020

Gut health isn’t just a European concern. Experts all over the world are looking for solutions that improve gut health and immunity in a sustainable way.

During this webinar we welcome Dr. Peter Karnezos, Senior Director for Additive R&D at Land O’ Lakes-Purina, the 4th largest feed company in the world. Dr. Karnezos will share his insights on how the US feed industry is focusing on gut health to improve animal performance and wellbeing in an environment of reduced antibiotic use. 

After this Kobe Lannoo will give a practical overview on the Agrimprove concepts that have a proven their effect on gut health. With these concepts Agrimprove has been able to wean 10.000.000 piglets Zinc free during 2019 making this one of the most reliable approaches in the European market.


Wed, 30 September 2020
01.00-02.00 PM CEST
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Dr. Peter Karnezos – Dr. Peter Karnezos has 26 years of experience in national and international agribusiness, extension and academic research. Peter obtained his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in plant/animal interactions and his MBA from Purdue University.

Prior to Land O’ Lakes, Peter worked as Director of Sales and Technical Service, for a premix manufacturer in the North East US manufacturing and distributing vitamin and trace mineral premixes to the Animal Feed Industry. He has worked with feed companies, nutritionists and producers to design products and management strategies to improve on farm productivity and profitability.

Peter is currently the Senior Director for Additives Research and Product Development for Land O’ Lakes and is responsible for developing products that improve animal wellness and productivity.

Kobe Lannoo – DVM Kobe Lannoo has been working for Agrifirm for 6 years and is currently responsible for the Global Agrimprove portfolio pigs as Category Manager. In this role he contributed to the global launch of the Aim for zero concept, which has proven to be a sound alternative for ZnO during the weaning stage.

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