12° simpósio Brasil sul de bovinocultura de leite

07 - 09 November 2023
Chapecó/SC – Brazil

Milk production has long been established in Brazil, but it was not until the first half of the last century that it was improved by the importation of purebred cows from Germany. Since then, technologies have been slowly and steadily introduced in genetics, animal nutrition, management, prophylaxis, hygiene, grazing, management and cost control. The dairy production chain is critical to the food security of any country. It is also highly vulnerable due to climate and market factors, so public policies are needed to support and protect it. The future of the dairy industry lies in following the path of poultry and pig farming in Santa Catarina: to conquer the international market.

Making Brazil an exporter of dairy products must be a permanent goal. To achieve this, measures must be taken to stimulate domestic consumption and promote sales abroad.

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