The Feedinfo Summit

28 - 29 April 2021

Agrimprove will join The Feedinfo Summit as a gold sponsor. The Feedinfo Summit is the global gathering of industry leaders from the animal nutrition and feed industries who are committed to the future of their value chain. 

The Feedinfo Summit will take place on 28th – 29th April at Fairmont Grand Hotel in Geneva.

The 2021 Summit agenda is currently being developed with the Feedinfo Leaders Network and will enable attendees to reflect on and address the industry’s biggest questions, including:

  • How can livestock supply chains be more sustainable?
  • Why is there so much misinformation and how can we change the industry’s perception?
  • What has the feed industry learned from the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • What’s the next big livestock disease and how should we be preparing?
  • What are leaders in other sectors doing to tackle these challenges and innovate?
  • How can you, your competitors, clients and suppliers work together to futureproof our industry?

More information about the event, the program and the venue can be found on: