Webinar: Maximizing poultry performance and safety with Original MCFA provider

03 November 2021

In 2000 the Nuscience R&D division invented the Aromabiotic Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA). Medium chain fatty acids are well known to exert excellent antimicrobial properties. The minimal concentration of medium chain fatty acids needed to inhibit microbial growth is much lower than for other acids. For this reason they are used for a long time as alternative to antibiotics in poultry nutrition. However the properties of medium chain fatty acids go far beyond their antimicrobial effect. Medium chain fatty acids feature other benefits like reducing virulence of pathogens, improving intestinal morphology and improving immune function of animals. In this way the use of medium chain fatty acids has beneficial effects over the use of in feed antibiotics, and even add-on effects when they are used together.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2021
02:30 – 4:00 PM (Singapore time)

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Mode of action of MCFAs in nutrition of broilers and laying hens (by Loek de Lange)

Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) are well accepted as alternative for Antimicrobial Growth Promoters (AGPs) in broiler nutrition by having the same mode of action: suppression of bacterial growth in the proximal part of the gastro-intestinal tract. Related to chain length of the fatty acid molecule, MCFAs have also other beneficial effects on immunity, stress and physiology resulting in improved health and feed utilisation.

More recently, also the benefits of using MCFAs in layer nutrition have been shown. The most observed effects are improved eggshell quality and better laying persistence at the second half of the laying period. One might question if these observations are related to effects of MCFAs on microbes in the proximal part of the gut.

In this presentation, some hypotheses will be discussed how MCFAs improve animal performance and eggshell quality in the nutrition of broilers and laying hens.

How can we improve egg quality and laying persistency? (by Vincent Jacquier)

One major trait in the laying hen industry is persistency of lay and the concept of the ‘long life’ layer. Persistency in lay however cannot be achieved without due consideration of how to sustain egg quality and the health and welfare of the birds in longer laying cycles. These multiple goals require knowledge and consideration of the bird’s physiology, nutritional requirements, which vary depending on age and management system, reproductive status and choice of the selection criteria applied. The ‘long life’layer, which will be capable of producing 500 eggs in a laying cycle of 100 weeks, is on the horizon, but a more efficient utilisation of protein and energy will be required to obtain egg quality. Shellbiotic® supports the protein saving effect to increase laying rate and improve egg quality at every stage of the laying cycle.

M-prove, optimizing intestinal activity (by Jan Vervloesem)

Today, more than ever, the poultry industry is facing several challenges: e.g. increased feeding cost, antibiotic-free poultry production, specific consumer requests regarding animal wellbeing and sustainability and also food safety.  At the same time, market prices for poultry meat do not tend to increase in the long run to compensate for the extra costs. Margins are under pressure. To manage feeding cost, improving feed efficiency is essential. Feed efficiency being the result of the balance between feed formulation and activity of the gastro-intestinal tract. The intestinal tract being the first line of defense of the immune system but it also determines the capacity of feed intake. M-prove is a product specifically developed for broilers to improve feed intake and feed efficiency, hence contributing to manage the feed cost/kg carcass.


Loek de Lange has been working as animal nutritionist in the animal feed business since his graduation at the Wageningen University in 1980. First at national feed cooperatives in The Netherlands now being part of Agrifirm. More recently he worked as manager R&D at a private international company De Heus Feeds and as senior poultry consultant / researcher at Schothorst Feed Research advising poultry integrations and poultry feed producers worldwide.

In 2018 he started his own business as manager / consultant poultry nutrition at LoeksFeed advising Agrimprove with as expert fields feedstuff evaluation, formulation of poultry feeds and gut health.

Vincent Jacquier completed his PhD in 2014 at the French National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), focusing on the interactions between the establishment of the digestive microbiota and the maturation of the immune system. He then held senior poultry scientist positions in R&D teams of Adisseo, then DSM, leading projects linked to gut health in poultry, and in collaboration with universities worldwide. Vincent recently joined Agrifirm as Product Developer Poultry for functional feed ingredients.

Jan Vervloesem graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Louvain in Belgium in 1984. He specialized in poultry physiology and in agricultural economics. After 2 years at the university doing research on stress hormones, Jan started to work at a breeding company Euribrid, now Hendrix Genetics. There he started as an intern and really got his passion for  poultry, poultry nutrition, husbandry and the poultry industry in general. During that time he was given several responsibilities, from Key Account Manager over Production Manager for one of their subsidiaries to Global Technical Manager. In 1998, Jan joined a broiler integration in Belgium and started as Head of Nutrition and Quality, and moved on to Agricultural Manager and Manager of the Processing plants. In 2008 Jan became part of the Vitamex/Nuscience family as Business Development Manager for poultry, at that time focused on Europe. Afterwards he joined Porphyrio/Evonik as a Business Development Manager for their Poultry Insight solutions using self-learning algorithms. Three years ago he was re-engaged as Global Category Manager Poultry to further develop the product portfolio and the poultry business for Agrimprove.

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