Feed cost accounts for the largest part of costs in animal production. For that reason, it is of high importance to provide the animals with the most cost-efficient feed to get maximum return. As many factors cannot be controlled, such as production issues or global epidemics, prices of important nutrients can fluctuate severely and put pressure on feed costs and margin. With Vitanox Agrimprove offers a natural alternative to control feed costs in times of increasing vitamin E prices.

Vitamin E

Vitamins are essential for optimal growth and reproduction. Although they are active at very low concentrations, animals are not capable of synthesizing them in sufficient amounts. For that reason, animal diets are traditionally supplemented with vitamins, one of them being vitamin E. Vitamin E is a lipid-soluble compound exclusively to be obtained from the diet. It has numerous important roles inside the body ranging from cellular respiration, reproduction, immune response, co-enzyme synthesis to biological antioxidant.

Although the effects of Vitamin E are widely shown and accepted in scientific literature, increasing levels of this antioxidant may only have marginal effects. Moreover, feed producers are highly dependent on the variability of global market prices. Lately, Vitamin E prices are fluctuating significantly due to all kind of factors, such as production issue at global Vit. E producers, Covid19 etc. Obviously, significant higher vitamin E prices are translated in higher feed costs.

High vitamin E prices? Optimize feed costs with natural antioxidants.

Nature to the rescue

Based on unique and advanced in vitro screening methods with biological relevance, Agrimprove experts have been able to identify the most effective of over 8,000 plant-based polyphenols in terms of antioxidant properties and combine them into a feed-optimizing solution that counteracts the effects of oxidative stress in the animal’s body. By taking over the important antioxidant function of vitamin E, Vitanox replaces part of vitamin E in the diet enabling feed producers to design the most cost-effective feed fulfilling the needs of the animals, independent of Vitamin E prices.

Vitanox, the natural antioxidant
for swine, poultry and ruminants

Animals are subject to stress at various points in their lifecycle, especially in highly productive environments. As the body reacts to this stress, cellular metabolic processes are increased, leading to oxidation and a high production of harmful free radicals.

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Anne-Laure Ledoux
Global Swine Category Manager