The third generation of fiber
for pigs

Since decades nutritionists all over the world are using dietary fibers in animal nutrition to optimize performance. In the early years of the 21st century the industry started to focus more on the prebiotic aspects of certain fiber and sugar combinations. At this moment fibers had next to their nutritional function also a health aspect by favoring microbiota. We went one step further and developed Vitafibra, a third generation of functional fiber fractions with a direct focus on pathogenic bacteria (agglutination) and toxins (receptor blocking).


‘All disease begins in the gut’

A healthy gut is the basis of a healthy animal; the approach towards gut health however changes depending on the piglet’s stage of life.

During the short period in the farrowing house, piglet nutrition mainly focusses on creating a healthy gut which is prepared for the stressful moment of weaning. After weaning this focus shifts from creating gut health towards pre­serving a healthy gut. The latter approach was the reason for Agrimprove to develop a third generation of fiber; Vitafibra.

Healthy pigs = lower feed cost

Piglets after weaning are facing a lot of different challeng­es. All these challenges together very often result diarrhea during the first 2 weeks after weaning. In the later phase of the nursery the gut is still challenged; however the symp­toms of diarrhea are not visible anymore.

In this period piglets still lose a lot of energy by reacting with their immune system on these subclinical intestinal chal­lenges. Saving this energy by using Vitafibra will improve the feed conversion ratio leading to lower feed costs for the farmer.

Main benefits of


  • Less E.coli colonisation of the intestine
  • Reduced endotoxin pressure leading to lower local inflammation
  • Increased performance & health

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