Agrifirm Brazil has just presented its new industrial unit in the city of Maripá (PR). This unit will be responsible for the production of functional feed ingredients for the Agrimprove® line. In addition to the solutions that were manufactured at the Itupeva/SP unit, this facility will be able to produce new functional ingredients for animal nutrition, a decisive factor for the inauguration of this new plant.

Agrifirm Brazil now has an industrial complex of 5,000 meters of built-up area, between the two factories and the administrative building. “Now we have a modern industrial park, which has automated processes, in line with plans for sustainable growth in Brazil, a very important country for global food production”, highlights managing director of LATAM, John Dortmans.

With the world’s growing population, the demand for food is increasing every year, especially for animal proteins, such as beef, poultry and pork, dairy and eggs. As an alternative, industries and farmers find in nutrition a great ally to maximize results, increasing the productivity and quality in a sustainable way. According to Dortmans, “nutritional additives are the future of agribusiness, a great asset to potentialize results throughout the entire production chain. In line with this, we are prepared and continue to invest to meet all the needs of Brazilian farmers. We are an innovative company, that’s why with the new plant we will be able to produce locally the solutions developed with our global expertise”, concludes John.

According to Edson Hanauer, Finance Director of Agrifirm LATAM and management team member responsible for this project, the new unit will allow the expansion of production and storage of our functional feed ingredients line. The modernization and automation of several manufacturing processes is also planned, which will increase production efficiency, expand the number of items that can be produced and guarantee total traceability of our products. With the new structure, our employees will also gain a lot in the aspect of work safety, as in our new additives unit, all the automation, feeding and control parts have been optimized, providing an even safer working environment for our team.

According to Roger van der Vinne, Commercial Director of Agrifirm Brazil, the new installation will bring many benefits to current and future customers. “Due to its strategic location, the new functional feed ingredients unit will allow easier access for customers located throughout the country, in addition to being in a region surrounded by large cooperatives, integrations and farmers. “We already have an extremely qualified technical and commercial team to serve the additives business, and with the production expansion we will be able to meet the needs of our customers with total excellence”, affirms Roger.” Our company already has an unit in Maripá, focused on the production of nutritional solutions. Now, it inaugurated the additives unit, making room for a complete industrial complex for animal nutrition.

“For us, this initiative is part of our audacious growth plan projected for the upcoming years in Brazil. This is because the Royal Agrifirm Group recognizes the country’s natural vocation for food production, the capacity and determination of national producers, and above all, we want to become more and more a reference company in the animal nutrition market through our innovative solutions. We have a team of highly qualified professionals ready to serve and assist our partners, through technical services and nutritional solutions that meet current and future requirements”, states the Director of Agrifirm LATAM, John Dortmans.