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the tightrope of
sustainability and welfare

The animal functional feed ingredient market is under extremely high pressure. Companies are pursuing differentiation while also aligning with today’s requirements for sustainability and animal welfare. Agrimprove is embracing these dynamics and farming new ideas to cope with the particular challenges in the industry.

Conversion technologies

What if we can tap into a new sustainable category of raw materials to reduce waste and improve animal health? By converting biomasses into valuable raw materials, Agrimprove is upcycling rest-steam nutrients into high-value animal feeds. This approach of utilizing non-food grade ingredients and considering a no-harm principle supports sustainable farming practices.

…bringing the farmer into the foreground as part of the solution.

Fortify commodity raw materials

Can we improve food scraps instead of wasting them? The differentiating factor of this upcycling for improved health fortification potential of feed is implementing a unique biorefinery step. In the end, both a nutrition and health dimension is achieved in one solution to support resilient animals. A well-known example of this approach is the transition towards responsible medium-chain fatty acids obtained by fermentation.

Transitioning to a local solution

Can local biomasses–potentially from the farm itself—and local labor contribute to the socioeconomic dimensions of functional feed ingredients? The biorefinery concepts described above can be applied in a modular way, making it easy to transfer final products to the customer site. The installation of a fermentation unit close to an agricultural player allows for the whole downstream processing step to be skipped. Customized concepts can also be produced on-site and applied directly to the animals, supporting micro-cooperations that are becoming more standard in today’s agrifood landscape and bringing the farmer into the foreground as part of the solution.

The agrifood industry is an integrated food system, that needs to take care of the people, the animals, and the planet while also providing profit for all actors involved. Today, we are moving away from the basic techno-economic valuing of feedstuffs. Now, circularity—driven by life-cycle assessment strategies—is the driver for the next decade in the agrifood industry. Everyone deserves a decent place to live and together with Agrimprove we can create and farm this idea.

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Geert Bruggeman
R&D Manager

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