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Food safety

Salmonella and E. Coli are important zoonoses threatening human health. A total approach combining managerial, nutritional and veterinarian measures is the only effective weapon to fight it. Agrimprove offers functional feed ingredients that support animals against salmonella and E. Coli, and more importantly: safeguard egg and meat quality for consumers.

One health, one welfare, one profit

Feed ingredients can bring numerous benefits to the farming and food production industry. But in the end, they all contribute to one thing: peace of mind. Of course, improvement is a continuous process. Risks are inherent to working with live animals. That is why we offer solutions that enable our customers to act adequately at any given moment.

The final result? One health, because healthy animals result in healthy meat. One welfare, because thriving animals are easier to work with. And one profit, because responsibly produced food offers an honest value for producers, retailers and consumers alike.

is better
than cure

Keep pathogens out the door

Working closely together with ambitious poultry and food producers worldwide, we fully understand their need to balance operational efficiency with stringent biosecurity and food safety standards. This is why we team up with our customers to develop ever new solutions with regards to animal nutrition and health optimization, all with a proven added value in the poultry house.

A fine example of this approach is the development – in close collaboration with the industry – of sustainable strategies to tackle Salmonella infections early in the food chain. With reduced invasion of Salmonella resulting in less colonization in the organs and a strong reduction of fecal Salmonella shedding, we can drastically improve performances with regards to pathogen control.

The only effective weapon against Salmonella is a total approach that combines managerial and veterinarian measures with feed optimization.

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