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Minimizing the global print
of production systems

For the most part, technical progress and social improvements made during the 20th century clearly contributed to a world that is a better and safer place to live. However, with this fast growth came mass production and intensive circulation of goods around the world, leading to an overuse of natural resources that increased pollution and contributed to climate change. Thanks to better awareness and specifically designed scientific metrics, society is progressively moving toward minimizing its use of non-renewable sources of energy, moving to a circular economy, and looking for a more resilient agricultural system worldwide. This pace of change can only improve with time and animal production is a logical part of it.

Efficient animal farming is a duty

In Agrimprove, we have been working for decades on improving the performance and health of farm animals. This means contributing not only to the long-lasting economic progress of farmers but also helping actors of the food chain to reduce their needs for feed and health-related chemicals. We do so specifically by tapping into the benefits of our free-active medium-chain fatty acids (MFCAs). These natural compounds have proven their capacities to reduce feed conversion ratios and to support animal health when they experience pressure from digestive disorders or diseases. Through continuous efforts in innovation, free active MCFAs already contribute daily to lowering the downstream print of animal production in both developed and developing countries. But can’t we do more?


Our objective for tomorrow

There are no minor steps toward a lower print on resources either downstream or upstream, every step is essential. This is why more and more of our MCFAs are sourced from certified origins. To go further, we recently developed drinking water applications for our MCFAs to make the use of fatty acids more flexible and precise. This application gives the users the possibility to provide support to animals during periods of stress. In the near future, we aim at incorporating more and more MCFAs from renewable and/or circular sources. This is our contribution to a better world, together.

There are no minor steps toward a lower print on resources either downstream or upstream, every step is essential.

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