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for dairy cattle

Genetic selection has resulted in dairy becoming super production animals which undergo tremendous physiological stress and become susceptible to metabolic problems. This results in lower quality milk and increased health problems. By increasing rumen fermentation and strengthening the immunity Aromabiotic® Cattle can help overcome two of the most important burdens of the dairy industry.

Udder health

During transition the mammary gland is extremely sensitive for  infections. This leads to subclinical and clinical mastitis. Protecting cows in this period is essential to maximize the full genetic potential of the animal. Optimal hygiene and milking techniques can partly avoid these problems. Additional support of the animals’ health is crucial to achieve optimal results. Healthier udders will produce healthier milk with a lower somatic cell count. The basics for the production of high quality dairy products.

Milk quality

Producing large amounts of high quality milk puts pressure on the modern dairy cow. In one lactation a cow can produce 10 to 20 times the amount of milk required to rear a calf. Increased milk production often go hand in hand with reduced milk quality by dilution. This results in lower fat and protein yield. The aim for every modern farm is to increase milk production without endangering the milk quality. Applying high managerial and nutritional standards will be the first focus to obtain this goal. Next to this, innovative feed ingredients like Aromabiotic® Cattle can help to close the gap.

Main benefits of


  • Improving immunity
  • Reducing somatic cell count
  • Increasing milk quality

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