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Flexible drinking water application of proven in-feed solutions

Animals have to cope with many challenges along their lifetime often resulting in physiological stress, impaired health and decreased production. To support the health of animals in times of pressure, in-feed solutions are often applied bringing a fixed level of safety, protection or performance enhancement. Due to the highly variable conditions on farm level, it might be useful to finetune the support to the animals with flexible drinking water solutions.

Variable conditions, variable output

The health of animals is influenced by many external factors such as feed quality, water quality, presence of pathogens and toxins, air quality, temperature, management practices, social interaction and so on. One of the first organs typically affected first by changing conditions is the gastro-intestinal tract. The gastro-intestinal tract is a complex sys­tem with a broad range of functions including digestion, absorption and protection against undesired organisms or substances. Once challenged, the different physiological systems will try to compensate for the imbalance resulting in suboptimal performances. As a consequence, the variable conditions and challenges faced by animals will automatically result in variable health status and performance levels.

A crystal ball does not exist

It’s hard to forecast future health and performance status of animals. Not only pathogens but also toxins, environmental changes or social behavior makes animal production a challenging profession, mainly driven by its dynamic and variable character. By building a close relationship with farmers, feed producers understand the needs and challenges of their customers and often take preventive measures by adapting the feed formula or adding functional feed ingredients. Nobody has a crystal ball however making it impossible to estimate the real occurrence, severity and duration of challenges that animals will face. What if we don’t need to have a crystal ball? What if we could finetune the use of in-feed solutions at the desired time on the farm?

Raising healthy animals is a dynamic task, so why not using dynamic solutions?

Eubisol, MCFA for drinking water application

Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) have proven to be a very versatile ingredient to bring extra safety and support to animals by supporting immunity, act antibacterial and improve gut health resulting in higher resilience of animals. For a long time it has mainly been supplied via the feed, but since recently it also possible to apply MCFA via the drinking water on the farm to give additional support at the moments it is needed. Eubisol, based on the orig­inal MCFAs, offers the farmer a flexible and easy-to-use solution to cope with challenges on the spot. The Eubisol concept is unique as it brings much more value than the standard organic acids which are typically applied to just improve drinking water quality.

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