Closing the biosecurity gap
for pigs

Emerging viral diseases are now considered the biggest threat to animal husbandry. In the last few decades, enveloped viruses like African Swine Fever (ASF), PED, and PRRS, have triggered several pandemics in pig stables and more emerging viruses are sure to follow. All of them lead to a high number of dead and diseased animals; irreversibly impacting the infected farms. Since vaccines and bio-security measurements can never protect farms completely, additional solutions should be utilized.


Reducing the viral challenge

Thanks to science, we know even the smallest viral particle can lead to tremendous outbreaks, infecting a whole farm. The most known viral vectors are manure, humans, vermin, and even the air. But what about feed?

Can feed transmit diseases like ASF, PRRS, or PED? According to a review article by Gordon et al. (2019), yes. Feed and feed raw materials can not only spread the virus, but some raw materials—like soybean meal—can also support virus viability and increase its survivability. Until now, little attention has been given to the prevention of infection via this vector pathway.

How to close the door on viruses

Vaccines are the first line of prevention towards many viruses. However—due to viral mutations, non-responding animals, and very high infection pressure—animals sometimes respond poorly to vaccines. This is why biosecurity measurements are necessary to prevent pathogens from entering the farm. Cleaning, drying, and disinfecting are foundational parts of protocols to prevent viral infection.

Pest control, manure management, and strict entrance policies also have to be installed. Even with these measures in place, diseases are continuing to spread. To close one of the last biosecurity gaps, Agrimprove developed FeedLock®, a sustainable feed mitigant with anti-viral properties.

Key benefits of


  • Mitigates viral challenge in feed
  • Increases feed safety
  • Sustainable protection
  • Enhances performance

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