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Using Gut Health
as an alternative for
Zinc Oxide

As opposed to what some may claim, there is a viable alternative for Zinc Oxide when it comes to supporting piglets’ health in the weaning stage. Together with farm managers, veterinarians and nutrition specialists, Agrimprove offers an innovative concept that captures and kills pathogenic bacteria, fortifies the gut barrier and blocks toxins.

New ideas needed

There is a clear acceptance from farmers, nutritionists and vets, that there is the industry needs alternative solutions to therapeutic ZnO due to environmental and regulatory pressure. Over the past few years, Agrimprove specialists have collaborated with stakeholders from different areas of the industry to look for successful replacement strategies.

Our goal: to reduce the use of chemical antimicrobials without negatively impacting the gut health of the animals. Our solution: a smart implementation of well-balanced functional feed ingredients such as Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

Aim for Zero:
no more need for
Zinc Oxide by 2022

Discover our Aim for Zero program

With the Aim For Zero program, Agrimprove offers an innovative total approach for farmers and feed mills to help them in the struggle towards zero antibiotics and zinc. The goal of the program is to offer farmers an economically favorable alternative that guarantees a high health status without impairing performance. And of course, to eliminate the negative effects of heavy metals and antibiotics on animal health, human health and the environment.

By implementing the Aim For Zero program both farms and feed mills can reduce the complexity of their operations, improve their cost-effectiveness and, of course, contribute to a much needed solution to one of the biggest challenges in the food industry.

A 3-step program

Aim for Zero is based on 3 complementary pillars devised to find the right balance between the technical and economical results of banning ZnO.

Step 1: benchmark.

The first step is a user-friendly online benchmark tool to be able to compare your farm with the latest market trends differentiating for region, genetics and weaning age. The questions relate to animal health, farm management and nutrition. All three fields are important to optimizing your farm’s performance.

Step 2: tailor made advice

After filling in the benchmark tool you receive a detailed report in which the information is analyzed by a team of professional nutritionists, veterinarians and technicians. These specialists provide you nutritional and managerial recommendations and advice, all with the aim of ensuring a smooth weaning process.

Step 3: innovative products

As well as benchmarking and advice, Agrimprove offers a range of innovative products that can be administered in the weaning diet. These products offer a natural defense to ensure optimal gut health during weaning, without compromising growth and FCR.

Thanks to science, we can optimize almost every crucial factor in the animal lifecycle with natural ingredients.

By understanding and optimizing biological mechanisms such as the digestion, gut health and immune system of animals, we can turn feed into a finely tuned engine that steers the critical success factors of our business. Pathogen control, FCR, fertility, growth, lactation… we can optimize almost every crucial factor in the animal lifecycle. Even more importantly, we can do this with natural ingredients

Solutions worth considering

Ready for improvement? Try one of our suggested solutions with a proven added value.

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