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Recently the incidence of Salmonellosis in humans has increased. At the same time a slight increase in Salmonella prevalence has been observed in consumption eggs and in poultry meat. However, it is not clear what the main reasons are for the increased human Salmonellosis. Do we neglect basic hygienic rules? Has the animal become more susceptible to Salmonella colonization? Is Salmonella more frequent present in the environment? Or is it due to changes in the poultry production process?

Food safety

Food safety is everyone’s responsibility, up to the final consumer. In order to control Salmonella contamination and hence improve food safety it is important not only to work on preventive measurements aimed at reducing the incidence of Salmonella having contact with the animals but also, once contact took place, to immediately reduce the risk of intestinal colonization and systemic spreading to internal organs.

Handling of poultry

To eradicate contagious poultry diseases poultry are vaccinated to prevent clinical problems reducing performance. Vaccinations are applied by different methods at  different ages. Occasionally strong vaccination response may occur, sometimes not. Each handling results in  an increased risk of contamination. As poultry will be exposed to handling or vaccination stress vulnerability to bacterial contaminations, such as Salmonella and E. Coli increases.  This mainly occurs during the growing and rearing period.

Main benefits of


  • Reducing risk on contamination of pathogenic Gram- bacteria
  • Compatible with Salmonella vaccination
  • Reducing farm contamination level

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