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Egg quality is becoming an increasingly decisive parameter for profitability in the poultry industry. Due to the latest developments in breeding technology both commercial layers as well as breeders have the potential to be kept for longer production cycles. With feed ingredients that support calcification of the eggshell and the albumen, Agrimprove can optimize layer and breeder performance.

The importance of eggshell and albumen quality

Eggshell quality is an important factor to ensure egg safety for consumers and to optimize hatchability and day old chick quality. Extensive research has shown that parameters such as shell thickness, shell percentage and breaking strength not only determine the hatchability of the egg, but also the egg’s capability to withstand bacterial penetration during storage.

The same applies to the albumen. The quality of the albumen largely determines its anti-bacterial effects and its effect on the calcification process. During the storage of eggs for hatching, albumen quality can decrease, leading to hatchability reduction.

What you
feed is
what you get

Knowing that egg quality is heavily influenced by what the chickens ingest, it is clear that the addition of targeted ingredients to the feed of layer and breeder hens contributes to a better albumen and egg quality. With functional feed that have been specifically developed to serve this purpose, Agrimprove can help stimulate improved laying persistency, the production of more first grade eggs, improved albumen quality even during egg storage and increased breeder performance through a higher hatchability and better day old chick quality. This way, optimized hen feed has a clear potential to improve the profitability of the poultry sector.

Improving the quality of the albumen not only improves the hardness of the shell, but also the hatchability and chick quality.”

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