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Improving meat quality 
by reducing
oxidative stress effects

Meat processors and retailers around the world have been faced with suboptimal meat quality. We enable our customers to reduce oxidative stress effects, resulting in scientifically proven meat quality enhancement. The result: succulent, tender pork with consistent pH, less discoloration and minimal fluid loss, leading to a more attractive end product with a longer shelf life.

A buyer’s market

The food industry is, more than ever before, a buyer’s market in large parts of the world. Today’s critical consumers – and consequently the retailers who target these consumers – expect their food produce to be everything they desire: safe, healthy, tasty, responsibly produced and affordable. A set of characteristics that are hard to combine, even for the most ambitious farmer and/or producer.

Still, we at Agrimprove believe that by combining science and partnership, the answers are close at hand. By improving the way we feed our animals in partnership throughout the agri-food chain, we are confident that we can all deliver the meat and dairy products that retailers want to put on their shelves and that consumers want to put on their plates.

Focus on
food quality

Better for the animal, better for us all

Animals are subject to stress at various points in their lifecycle, especially in highly productive environments. As the body reacts to this stress, cellular metabolic processes are increased, leading to oxidation and a high production of harmful free radicals. This means that, if not adequately managed, stress can not only have a negative impact on the animals’ health and welfare, but also on meat quality with aberrant pH, discoloration and diminished water holding capacity negatively impacting the juiciness, tenderness and shelf life of the meat.

From over 8,000 plant-based polyphenols, Agrimprove specialists have been able to identify the most effective in terms of antioxidant properties and have combined them into a feed-optimizing solution that counteracts the effects of oxidative stress in your animals’ muscle tissue. The result: a radically improved cell integrity that shows better results than other known treatments.

With nothing but plant-based ingredients, we can help you produce succulent, tender pork with consistent pH and minimal drip loss and discoloration.

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